Paralysis by Procrastination

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I have to admit, even I tend to procrastinate and put off doing things that need to be tended to, like a rose garden. 

Doing this blog ranks up there on that list.  It’s been a busy summer here in the office as we have segued from Tour de Cure to StepOut and B.A.D. Ride coming up in September and October.  We’ll get to those two event shortly. 

Back to procrastination:  we put off things that we either loathe or don’t have time for (even if we do have the time to do it).  Checking your blood sugar is one of them.  No matter how tedious or distracted we are, it takes no more than 1 minute (30 seconds if you use a speed glucometer like me). 

I wouldn’t go as far as it will save your life down the road, but it’s a good little reminder on how we need to stay on track when it comes to managing our diabetes.  I may dread seeing my what number by glucometer spits out, but numbers don’t lie (unless the battery is dying).  Knowing the numbers is important.  It helps us bolus or take extra insulin to knock those highs back down to within normal limits. 

With that in mind, I need to stop putting off writing this blog. 




Tour de Cure 1, Mother Nature 0

Erin Davison-Rippey proudly shows off her number after her and husband Brad completed the 40-mile ride during Tour de Cure.

We’ll be honest, all last week, Mother Nature was trying to put a monkey wrench into our plans as we came down to the homestretch for our inaugural Central Iowa Tour de Cure.

What she didn’t expect was that she couldn’t defeat us, come hell or high water (literally).

Our first ride was a good success.  We had 96 riders registered to participate and 20 of those riders have signed up to ride next year!

Here are some photos from Water Works Park.  If you have any pictures you would like for us to add, please let us know!  Our information is on the About Page.


It’s Tour de Cure Week!

Tour de Cure 2011 ride in Long Beach, California. (Steven Georges / Press-Telegram)

It’s here!  It’s finally here! 

It’s Tour de Cure week in Central Iowa.  We’re about as giddy as kids heading to the candy store to get some sugar-free candy! 

Well, you can’t blame us for trying?!

Seriously, we are excited to host our first TdC in Central Iowa.  We have had the Corridor Classic TdC over in Eastern Iowa for the past three years and we’ll talk about their 4th annual ride as June 25th gets closer. 

Today, we have a guest post from one of our volunteers, Romelle Slaughter, who will talk about Central Iowa’s TdC.  Romelle has been a volunteer and a Community Leadership Board member for our Central Iowa chapter since 2006.  We’re ecstatic to announce that he has been named to receive the 2011 Governor’s Volunteer Award.  This award is given to Iowans who has given their time and dedication to volunteerism.  Over 700 individuals and groups will be honored at 4 sites at the end of this month. 

What Romelle has given to American Diabetes, as a leader and as a volunteer is merely scratching the surface.  Whenever we need help with running a few errands, do some clerical stuff in the office, volunteer to do health fairs, talk about his life with diabetes, and so on, he does it all.  He does it because he lives with diabetes, and is dedicated to encouraging and helping others live with diabetes successfully. 

He will be honored among several hundred honorees on June 30th at Southeast Polk High school. 

And we look forward in seeing you at Water Works on Saturday morning! 

You Can Do This…We Can Do This…Together

Kim Vlasnick has a blog titled "Texting My Pancreas", in which she writes about her life with Type 1 diabetes. (Kim Vlasnick/Texting My Pancreas)

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and a good start to the summer.  Today, there is something that we want all of you to know about, and it’s our hope that you send this to someone you know who will benefit from this.

Kim Vlasnik is a wife and a PWD who lives in Nebraska.  Kim writes a blog titled “Texting My Pancreas.”  She is one of the many phenomenal diabetes rockstars in the DOC (Diabetes Online Community).  Kim is active in the work to find a cure for diabetes and encouraging fellow PWDs that they can live long and healthy lives. 

Yesterday, Kim, along with her friends in the DOC, kicked off a project called “You Can Do This.”  Living with diabetes is hard, but when you factor in the emotional, mental, and physical stress in living with a chronic disease that over 23 million Americans have every day, we burn out, feel isolated, and depressed.  In fact, various studies have confirmed that PWDs battle with depression due to the burden they face. 

Telling a PWD “It’ll be okay” sounds nice and rosy.  Being blunt, it’s not enough. 

This is where Kim’s project comes in.  “You Can Do This” is a movement in the DOC to have PWDs to tell their stories about living with diabetes. 

The good.  The bad.  The really bad.  The hope.  The dreams. 

No one should go at this alone.  This is what makes the DOC a unique and special community that is growing at every click of the mouse. 

As a local chapter under a national organization, we see that it’s not just advocating, fundraising, and doing all of the things that a chapter should do.  We need to connect to those who need someone on their side, through good times and bad.  Our primary responsibility is to give the people we serve and our volunteers the opportunity to tell their stories and reach out to others, be it down the street, across town, or around the world. 

Diabetes is not a dirty word or a taboo subject. 

All of us are affected by diabetes. 

We support Kim’s project and we invite you to join us in helping her, along with George, the Scotts, Kerri, and many others, in sounding the battle cry to be there for someone with diabetes. 

You Can Do This. 

We Can Do This.

We Will Do This Together.

History Made as Kimball Qualifies for Indy 500

Charlie Kimball became the first PWD to race in the Indy 500, which takes place on Sunday, May 29th!

On Sunday, Charlie Kimball qualified to race in the Indianapolis 500, which takes place next Sunday, May 29.

By qualifying, Charlie made history…in a big way for diabetes community!  Charlie became the first licensed driver with diabetes to qualify to race in the Indy 500.

This is a big deal! 

Kimball was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2007 and has gone above and beyond to bring awareness towards the living and managing life with diabetes, and support to CWDs and PWDs across the world.  With Novo Nordisk and Chip Ganassi Racing by his side, Charlie not only got back in the race car and is competing, he also advocates better diabetes care for everyone. 

Guess who we’ll be pulling for to win on Sunday? 

You bet! 

Ford and Medtronic combine on a new project

Imaging driving around in your car and you hear a beep. That could be your car telling you that are going low!

On Thursday, Ford and Medtronic teamed up to provide voice-controlled devices to help monitor blood glucose while you are driving.

This is so sweet!

Ford has developed a system in their new Sync cars to be able connect to Medtronic’s glucose monitoring devices via your Bluetooth and share glucose levels and trends through  audio and a video display in the dashboard. The system will provide alerts if  levels are too low. Low glucose levels can cause people with diabetes to lose  consciousness, and there have been cases in which car crashes were blamed on  such an occurrence.

“Diabetes in particular is a chronic disease where frequent monitoring of  blood glucose levels throughout the day is critical,” James Dallas, senior vice president at Medtronic, said in the statement. “We can help patients actively manage their health via access to  real-time data on phones, hand-held devices or even in their cars.”

What do you think about what Ford and Medtronic is doing?  Will this help PWDs in knowing their blood glucose numbers while driving, rather than fumbling around with a glucometer and having a hypoglycemic episode and ending up in an accident?

Let us know!

Checking blood sugars could be simple as a beep or a voice from the dashboard. Winning!

“I was on my way to get Starbucks when…”

D-Blog Week

This week was D-Blog Week worldwide, where bloggers from the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) blog about a topic each day.  It has been inspiring and humbling to read as many of them because it means that the journey to eradicate diabetes is a long one.

We would like to post several links to some bloggers we’ve been following.  It is our hope that you follow them as well.

Sixuntilme is one of the most popular DOC blogs and the reason is Kerri Morrone Sparling.  Diabetes advocate, wife, caretaker of three interesting (and scene-stealing) cats, and the mother of a beautiful baby she calls “Birdy.”  Kerri also does a vlog (video log) that takes you into her little world.

We’re fortunate to be bordered not by Missouri and Minnesota (from the south and the north), but by two Scotts!  Scott Strange and Scott K. Johnson are two cool guys with Type I diabetes that we met at TCOYD last fall in Des Moines.  TCOYD will be back in Des Moines in 2012 (put that on your calendar)!

Locally, we have a phenomenal national diabetes advocate in Kelly Rawlings (PWD), who is the editor at Diabetic Living.

The internet isn’t just for entertainment and information.  Advocates, blogs, and websites for people and children with diabetes to find online support and to talk about living with diabetes have become a vital tool today.

Tour de Cure Hits Central Iowa!

This is the 20th year for Tour de Cure, but our inaugural ride here in Central Iowa!

Ahhh, spring.  Flowers, warm weather, the Easter bunny, and bike riding.

Did I mention bike riding?  Oh yes I did!  On June 11th, American Diabetes Association of Iowa will hold their inaugural Central Iowa Tour de Cure!  We will start our ride from Des Moines’ Water Works Park and travel down the Great Western Trail and back.  There are several levels of rides to take part in, breakfast and lunch, a wellness expo, and of course since we’re riding on the GW trail, probably a stop at the Cumming Tap on the way to St. Charles and back!

We would love for you to join us and raise awareness about diabetes and our mission to stop diabetes and support the many Iowans who have been touched by diabetes!

Hello Iowa!

Hello and welcome to the American Diabetes Association of Iowa’s blog!  We’re happy to join the blogosphere and become a part of your daily lives.

Our purpose and reasons for creating this blog are simple:  to bring awareness of the effects of diabetes, to help educate, and support people with diabetes and those who are affected by the world of diabetes.

In easier terms, we want to be an online resource for you when it comes to diabetes.  What’s new in glucometers, research, stories of people who are impacted by diabetes, and supporting them.

We’re a work in progress as we are ironing out some kinks and building content to post.